Power tool Merchandising

Less than 2 weeks? Let's go.

A client asked us to create multiple variations of Power Tool and Power Accessory in-store, in-aisle, and end cap concept renderings. And the timeline to complete it? Only eight working days, but our team accomplished it.

Building an Accurate, Custom Product to Brand Standards.

Two different national brands needed unique, custom, and accurate packaging products and in-aisle displays, which our team delivered.We built packaging die lines and adapted artwork to the primary packaging to accurately fit the product on the shelf. In addition, PriZm Packaging utilized 3D images and renderings of the product to color-match and design appropriately to the brand’s standards.

Don't Just Place Your Item on a Shelf. Make Your Shelf Stand Out.

Our team arranged the product in-aisle on each four-foot section with consideration toward the customer’s shopping experience. It’s easy for a product to get lost in the shuffle, so our team coordinated design elements of the product and displayed itself to create a strong sense of brand recognition. We printed and mocked up many of the display boxes and custom plastic capture packaging for corporate line reviews.

Prizm Tool Slogan

Packaging-Display Combos Enhance the Merchandise Message

Similar to a pegboard tool organizer, our display complements the tool-specific product. We utilized the connection between the product packaging and in-store display to create an attention-grabbing, creative design element that enhances the retail experience. When you need help coordinating the packaging and display elements, PriZm Packaging can help!

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