Crawford Barbeque Seasoning Display

BBQ Seasoning In-Store Fixtures that Compete

Food seasonings muddle the rows and rows of shelves in stores with little strategy to display arrangement.

Let the product stand out.

In this instance, our distributor client combined different food seasonings into single displays. So our team asked, “How can we graphically include all ten flavors and give equal marketing space?” We decided to create one overarching background with a wood grain texture that is neutral for each seasoning, giving the product a rustic and proudly-made impression to customers.

PriZM Packaging Blends Tasteful Design with Flavorful Display Strategy

Herb, spice rubs and seasoning blends are a great way to bring flavor to food. Our design team considered the classic way of seasoning barbeque food over a wood fire and incorporated the elements into five hundred manufactured display units. The units are integrated at customer height to demand shopper attention and drive sales.


Ready to Create Your Own Retail Food Display Solutions?

Increase your brand’s individuality and awareness with a custom food merchandising display. PriZm Packaging offers extensive design, manufacturing, and distribution expertise to bring your retail display vision to life.

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