Healthy By Design Brand Update

Designing Innovative Pet Food Packaging

Innovative packaging design and prototypes help your product find its place in the market and on a retailer’s shelf. PriZim’s experienced team of designers developed a creative solution to better promote the uniqueness of Healthy By Design’s pet food product. Our client provided us with a creative brief that included two main objectives.

First Objective: Establishing the Connection
Between a Pet and a Pet Owner

The first objective in the refresh of Healthy By Design’s product is the feel of the brand image. In our branding solution, we “juxtapose” a modern illustration of an owner and her dog with a geometric hexagon graphic element. Not only does the design show off the product’s playful personality between pet and owner, but it educates the importance of pet health, unlike many other pet companies on the market.

Second Objective:
Promote the Science Behind the Ingredients

Utilizing our “juxtapose” design solution, we captured a unique contrast that promotes the high-quality ingredients and science behind Healthy By Design’s dog food. Our team performed extensive research  to ensure our design differed from other pet food brands. We discovered and implemented the hexagon shape to reinforce the pre-packaged scientific process behind the ingredients. Again, using the same hexagon shape, we introduced a hex-shaped plastic tub that users squeeze to disperse food in the latest packaging structure.

PriZm Packaging Speaks Pet Food Packaging

Customers want the best for their animals, especially when shopping for pet food and supplies. So when you need informational packaging that stands out on the shelves through enticing graphics or illustrations, PriZm Packaging is your solution to taking your pet food product to the next level!

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