Spirits Display

Durable Liquor Displays for a Safe Store Experience

Not all structures are created equal. And not all of them have the same requirements.

Promoting products like liquor require sturdy, durable retail displays. Our in-house structural designers create functional merchandising displays capable of supporting easily breakable, heavy products like beer, wine, and spirits products and ensuring every product arrives to the store safely.

Direct-to-Floor Merchandising | Woodford Reserve Promotional Display

PriZm Packaging worked with Woodford Reserve to design a promotional display of their spirits during the Kentucky Derby Event. As the primary sponsor of the Kentucky Derby, Woodford Reserve wanted to develop a regional promotional collection that would ship loaded with products, resulting in a direct-to-floor merchandising solution for the retailer. Our team developed, produced, and delivered this display in less than 30 days, and none of the bottles were broken or scratched.

Quick Turnaround Process

With less than a 90-day in-store promotional time frame, we developed a display that solely used corrugated for sustainability purposes that can withstand the supply chain requirements. We started by rendering the show and making the design come to life through our exceptional engineering team. Once we designed the display, it underwent a sampling process that included ship testing. Ultimately, we manufactured the displays and pre-built them to ship them directly to the distributor for product loading and final shipment to the retailer.

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