In 2020, the pandemic caused e-commerce to evolve faster than expected and for most mass retailers, it’s now their main focus. What does the accelerated shift to online selling mean for suppliers that seek new ways to capture consumers’ attention?

We must develop with new ways to engage customers and demonstrate products to make it easier for people to shop online by more closely replicating the experience they have when they shop in person.

Enter 360-degree photography.

By capturing a wrap-around view of an item or items, 360-degree photography grabs consumers’ attention by bringing your products to life. Shoppers can inspect a product from a circular viewpoint and use the roll-over zoom feature to take a closer look at specific details to make sure the product has what they are looking for. It’s an efficient tool that highlights your product’s features and benefits in a way that imitates being able to hold and inspect it in hand.

In many consumer reports, quality product photos are listed as the best way to increase customer engagement. Many shoppers said they expect to view 5-8 quality photos for an online listing that fully shows a product’s features. By using a 360-degree photo, you can make it easier for consumers to have an interactive experience that provides a truer sense of your product’s quality, features and benefits. Customers are more likely to choose your product over a competitor’s when they have confidence in understanding how it works and its key attributes.

Is 360-degree photography right for your product?

Not every item needs a 360-degree view. If your product has a simple size or shape without much variance in the market, then single shots may still be the way to go. Most products that are 2D will only need stationary images.

Ask yourself if showing your product in a 3D form will help the prospective buyers to understand how it is used. 360-degree photos work best for products that need to show:

  • How it is operated or used
  • What the product looks like outside of its packaging
  • Key features that are different from competitors’ products
  • Unique shapes or finishes
  • Details about how it moves or functions

Additionally, for those companies that are focused on new sales to mass retailers and the club market, 360-degree photography is useful to get buyers’ attention in virtual meetings. Placing the 360-degree animation as part of your sales pitch deck will let the retailer’s buyers know that you are ready for both e-commerce and brick-and-mortar sales. Having more tools to help sell online puts you at an advantage over competing products in your category.

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