As online shopping trends accelerate, it’s time to adapt your online representation

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our lives in so many ways. Many people have shifted their shopping habits to take advantage of online options and at-home delivery to limit contact with others. Some analysts estimate that trends in consumer behavior that were expected to unroll over the next decade took hold during the first three months of the pandemic as consumers quickly pivoted to online shopping.

For manufacturers of consumer packaged goods (CPG), the sudden expansion of online shopping presents both opportunities and challenges. While consumers appear to welcome trying new products and brands — which opens the market for fresh ideas and innovations — figuring out how to merchandise products for online presentation requires new strategies.

Where to focus

You may be asking yourself; do I focus on retail or online sales? The answer is — both.

Shoppers are still making purchases at brick and mortar outlets, so it remains critical to create the right customer experiences when they encounter your product packaging in person. The challenge now is how to enhance the online shopping experience as homebound shoppers evaluate your product on a screen instead of in hand.

Translating the in-person experience online

In retail stores, your customers can touch the product packaging, experience brand attributes and make comparisons to competing items on the shelves.

The “feel” of the online shopping experience can replicate many of the same attributes with a few adjustments in how the products are presented digitally.

Delivering a consistent brand identity online is a critical part of presenting your products to potential and existing online customers. Your goal is to quickly build connections with shoppers through:

  • Easily recognizable product packaging — make it easy to understand visually that the products shoppers see online are the same ones they are used to finding on the shelf
  • Show the product in lifestyle images — help viewers identify how your product fits into their lives as they scroll through product images
  • Include detailed product information in the listing — shoppers should be able to easily read the details about your products that are featured on the packaging to make informed buying decisions

Mass retailers respond

Retailers are focusing on their ecommerce sites and sales. They see where the future is headed and are responding with strategic plans to enhance their online presence, inventory management practices and product packaging format requirements for more efficient shipping.

In particular, we have noticed the growing use of 360-degree photography for some product categories. This feature enables customers to interact with the product and enhance their buying experience. Online shoppers use a mouse or touchscreen to digitally rotate products and zoom in and out on packaging details. This capability can highlight some of the key features of your product.

Mass retailers look to CPG manufacturers to provide compelling product information and high-quality 360-degree images to plug-and-play into their websites. Adapting to the evolving requirements is a crucial step for manufacturers to earn valuable “shelf space” in the digital world.

How PriZm can help

PriZm Packaging Solutions in Bentonville, AR, has a long history of working closely with clients to help them with their product packaging strategies. As we shift to a greater emphasis on online shopping, PriZm can provide an experienced perspective and advice for best practices that span retail and ecommerce.

For retail sales, you can rely on PriZm for expert advice on packaging options that address supply chain issues and consumer engagement.

For online sales, we’re excited about our newest service addition — 360-degree product photography capabilities — and what it can do to help CPG manufacturers adapt to changing times.

For more information about how PriZm can help with all your packaging needs, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!